Tyre Recycling Benefits

The Viride Energy Africa destructive distillation process will recycle an end of life car, truck, large size mining dump or heavy earthmoving equipment tyre into useable quantities of oil, carbon and recover the steel reinforcement used in the original manufacturing process.

The oil can be used as a heating fuel, direct into some stationary diesel engines or is capable of further refinement into automotive or aviation fuels.

The carbon is a high grade product that can replace those sourced from fossil fuels and the steel is returned directly to tyre manufacturers for reuse.

A typical 10 kg car tyre will yield 4 litres of oil, 4kg of carbon, 2kg of steel.

A 70kg truck tyre will provide 27 litres of oil, 28 kg of carbon, 15 kg of steel and 4 tonne oversize dump truck tyre will yield 1.6 tonnes of carbon, 0.8 tonne of steel and 1500 litres of oil. The GDT process is not only emission free but the recycled oil is used as the heat source for the production process.